2017 Reserve Saperavi (Organic)


GOLD – 2017 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

GOLD – 2017 Australian Small Winemakers Show

Saperavi originates from Georgia where wine has been made since 6000BC. One sip of this nectar of the ancient gods may give you ancestral flash backs of winemakers dancing under a full moon clothed in animal skins praying for fermentation to begin.

Your taste buds will exclaim “Nazdarovya“ as it experiences amazing complexities of spices, and the powerful flavours of blackberries, strawberries and dark cherries all married perfectly with vanilla oak. The soft tannins will hug the insides of your cheeks like Natasha and Pierre’s embrace on their wedding night in Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Serving suggestion: Mtsvadi & Tkemali (Kebab with Sour Plum Sauce) watching Eurovision while clothed in animal skins (horned helmet optional)

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