Danying – Wine for Orphans

This wine is named in honour of our daughter, Zara Danying. We adopted our precious child, Danying, from China in the month of March, 2004, the very month these grapes are usually handpicked and crushed.

“Dan” means the essence of red-like this wine- strong and vibrant. “Ying” translates to a beautiful singing bird. Both sing a symphony, one with voice, one from the vines. Just as the wine is a blend of two varieties, weaving their individual strength and beauty, so too is our family now a blend of Chinese and Australian cultures.

A percentage of sales of this wine are donated to organisations and families caring for Asian orphans. All sales of this wine within mainland China are donated to Half the Sky Foundation with which Symphony Hill Wines is a small business partner. The aim of Half the Sky Foundation is for all children in orphanages to receive excellent nurturing care in addition to the basics required for survival. The Chinese government works closely with Half the Sky to better train orphanage workers. Half the Sky are now building training centres in all provinces. They have a wide range of programs they provide to children in orphanages across China including the same orphanage which cared for our daughter.


It is a wonderful blessing to be able to merge our passion for wine with our passion to make a difference in the world. Symphony Hill Wines is named after the phrase, “symphony of life” which celebrates all things that make life special, including great wine, great friends, great beauty, and making sure your presence on this planet has a positive influence on those who cross your path. With our Danying wine so many of these facets merge together.

For sales of this wine in Australia, we have donated to orphanage programmes in India and Thailand. Our eldest son, James, travelled to Sila Home in Chiang Mai Thailand at the end of 2013 to assist with the construction of a library fully paid by the wonderful people of Stanthorpe and the local Baptist church. Sila Home cares for orphans and children rescued from human trafficking. They care and nurture these children and provide them with an education and hope for the future. James is delighted that our next donation of Danying funds will go directly to this orphanage.


James Macpherson with the kids of Sila Home, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Owner Ewen Macpherson with his daughter Danying on the Great Wall


Ewen Macpherson promoting Danying wine in China

In September 2006, we had the privilege of travelling with AKID (Asian Kids In Danger) advocates, Shirley and Jeff Vines, to Southern India. We visited four programmes supported by AKID. It was humbling and inspiring to witness the amazing achievements of these programmes. Children destined to a life of begging, poverty or prostitution were given loving homes, excellent education and ongoing medical care. What impressed us most was the joy and enthusiasm displayed by the adoptive parents, carers and teachers despite ongoing hardships – the desire to help was infectious and uplifting.

It is with a grateful heart that we were able to donate Danying funds to such amazing people shining a light into such dark places.

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