Cellar Door

Cellar Door

You will love our contemporary tasting room featuring a 1960s original sleepy hollow lounge which has been reupholstered bright red. We love to spoil our guests, so all our reserve range of wines are open and waiting for your visit!

If you would like to a tour of the winery just let us know and we would love to show off our state of the art winemaking equipment.





Sue and Cheryl are awesome! We love their service and will be back (and Don!)
-Charmaine and Dale

Hi Ewen, Thanks for the information. We had a bottle of your sauvignon blanc when we got back to Brisbane Sunday evening – every bit as good as we remember from the tasting. Look forward to receiving a regular shipment.

Hi Ewen,

Congratulations and I’m not surprised (referring to recent success in having 2 wines in Top 100 Wines of Australia). We have been members of your wine club and great fans for many years now since we visited your vineyards. There hasn’t been a wine we haven’t enjoyed but I have to say the 2009 Reserve Petit Verdot takes top billing for me. It’s just scrumptious and I would love to buy a case if it is still available. We tend to take our time opening your wines and have only just tried it. So smooth and rounded, not a corner in sight.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful produce with us. We’re so pleased to see such quality coming out of Queensland. May I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and every continuing success in the New Year.

Best regards


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