2022 Amphora Shiraz

2022 Amphora Shiraz




The 2022 Amphora Shiraz demonstrates how a wine’s aromas and flavours are amplified lavishly once matured in an Amphora. The result is an aromatic explosion of black plum and white pepper, followed by flavours of blackberries and raspberries that finishes with black peppercorns.

This wine has been aged in Amphora Terra Cotta, imported from Italy, and made from special porous clay that allows the wine to breathe correctly as it is ageing. This micro oxygenation causes the wine to soften as it matures and develops, without any oak flavours influencing the wine. The result is a true expression of the fruit being achieved in the finished wine. The clay also has anti-microbial properties to help protect the wine as it ages.

The amphora itself is a spectacular work of art. This is a grand wine – prepare for powerful, complex, divine aromas, flavours and effortless sophistication.

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